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Heaved gif


Deftly Dart






Rick Rolled


I am the Champion


Best and Worst




The Falling Triumph


Eternal 3-Pointer


Deft Pole Vaulting


a Formidable Tenn...


The Exhausted Runner


Wild Spectators






CrossFitter Never...


Victory Stance


Runner gets heaved




Home Run Hitting


Victors (noun)


Triumphantly Para...


Players Relentles...


Sports GIF


Darth Vader Catch...


Making it look Easy!


Spectator - Game On!


Crazed Spectators


Very Strong Arms


Heaving friends

Slam dunks, home runs, touchdowns, and high-fives — nothing says sports like these moments of celebration that follow months and years of training and dedication. If you love to get out there and win one for your coach, or just like watching a good game on TV, you’ll get a kick out of these athletic words.

Take a look at these sporting words to get a better idea of what we mean. Pick one and create an original GIF image that illustrates the definition of the word. Check out our examples of definition GIFs here.

GIFs are short, moving images that loop continuously, so think carefully about your visualization. Your GIF must present both the word and part of speech graphically on- screen, like this. Get creative with looping, time manipulation, stop-motion or any other interesting film device.

Choose one of these eight words: heaved, deftly, triumphantly, spectators, wheeling, victors, formidable, relentless

Your GIF must:

  • Define only one word, using the definitions provided
  • Display the word, part of speech, and definition
  • Use original content instead of images or clips from third parties

Image Credit: hypergon/iStockphoto

1. Heaved (verb) - breathed deeply

Let me...catch my...breath...

Thought starter: Ever been out of breath from a hard workout? If so, you probably heaved visibly as you ended of your exercise session. Make a GIF that shows someone before she started a race, and how she heaved as she finished it.

Pro-tip: Writers sometimes use the word heaved when talking about gasping for air, usually after a great athletic feat. A runner who just completed a marathon probably heaved mightily as she crossed the finish line.

2. Deftly (adverb)- to do something in a skillful way

Making it look easy.

Thought starter: Is there something you do really well? Maybe you can deftly beat your brother in a game of soccer, or deftly perform a flip on a trampoline. Make a GIF of someone performing an action deftly.

Pro-tip: Writers use the word deftly to describe a skillfully completed action. A talented outfielder might deftly raise his glove and catch a fly ball.

3. Triumphantly (adverb) - to behave in a winning manner

I’m the king of the world!

Thought starter: Doesn’t it feel great to try hard and win big? When someone expresses that feeling physically, you can say he does something triumphantly. You might triumphantly give your teammates high-fives after scoring the winning goal. Make a GIF of someone triumphantly doing something after a hard-fought victory.

Pro-tip: Writers use the word triumphantly to describe an action performed victoriously. Someone crossing the finish line might raise their arms triumphantly.

4. Spectators (noun) - the people watching an event

Are you not entertained?

Thought starter: What sport do you like to watch? If you go to an important game or athletic event, you’ll probably find yourself surrounded by enthusiastic spectators. Make a GIF of an overly enthusiastic pair of spectators watching a high-stakes event.

Pro-tip: Writers use the word spectators when talking about fans watching a sporting event. All of the people out in the bleachers during a baseball game are spectators.

5. Wheeling (verb) - turning around quickly and forcefully

Behind you!

Thought starter: Do you have sharp reflexes? If so, you might find yourself wheeling around to catch someone trying to sneak up behind you. Make a GIF that shows someone wheeling on a sneaky individual.

Pro-tip: Writers use the word wheeling when talking about the action of quickly turning around, usually out of surprise or reflex. A basketball player may find herself stopping suddenly and wheeling on a rival player to keep her from scoring.

6. Victors (noun) - the winners of an event or challenge

We are the champions, my friend.

Thought starter: Ever been on a team that won big? If so, you and your teammates were probably crowned the victors of the event. Maybe you even got trophies! Make a GIF about a group of victors who just found out they came out on top.

Pro-tip: Writers use the word victors when talking about the people who won a sporting event. If the Canadian water polo team takes the gold in the Olympics, they are the victors.

7. Formidable (adjective) - inspiring fear and respect by appearing large, powerful, or capable

Rough, tough, hard to bluff

Thought starter: Have you ever faced someone much bigger, stronger, or smarter than you? If so, this formidable opponent probably gave you a real run for your money. Make a GIF about a less-than-impressive person who finds him- or herself up against a particularly formidable foe.

Pro-tip: Writers use the word formidable when describing something or someone that appears particularly hard to beat. A basketball team made up of nine-foot-tall players would be very formidable.

8. Relentless (adjective) - describes something that never stops

Not a quitter.

Thought starter: Someone people are so single-minded about achieving a goal they simply will not quit. Their relentless pursuit of an outcome will probably lead to victory in the end. Make a GIF about someone’s relentless attempts to achieve their dream.

Pro-tip: Writers use the word relentless when describing something or someone untiring and unstoppable. The best athletes in the word possess a relentless desire to improve and excel at their given sport.

Submission requirements:

In your GIF image that is less than 5 MB, you must:

  • Choose one word from the list provided.
  • Show the word, part of speech, and definition graphically on screen throughout the GIF.
  • Clearly demonstrate the meaning of the word.
  • Meet all official rules and requirements.

Key Dates:

  • April 7, 2014 - Contest opens
  • May 5, 2014 - Contest closes at 11:59 p.m. ET
  • June 2, 2014 - Winners announced on the Project ED website

Finalist and Winner Judging Criteria:

GIFs are evaluated based on the following criteria, weighed equally:

  • Educational merit and accuracy: Your submission achieves the educational goals presented in the contest brief and viewers learn intended material from your video.
  • Creativity and Engagement: Your submission presents educational content in an artistic and innovative way.
  • Appropriate content: Your submission does not contain indecent, obscene, hateful, defamatory, or offensive material.
  • In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken on the basis of the tied entrants’ scores in the “Educational merit and accuracy” criteria.


Prizes per contest vary. In the case of winners under the age of 18, prizes will be awarded to a legal parent or guardian. Rules for each contest explain how and when we will notify you and the date the prizes will be announced. Prizes are awarded at Amplify’s discretion and are subject to the applicable district and school policies. Prizes for teachers may be awarded via

Official Requirements:

  • The image’s creator must be 13 or over.
  • Entrants who are minors must obtain a parent’s or guardian’s consent to enter the contest.
  • You must use appropriate language and content.
  • You must properly clear and credit any source film clips, images, or locations you use. To verify winning entries, participants will be asked to submit proof of proper clearances.
  • You can only submit one entry per contest.
  • If you are employed by a school you must ensure your entry into this contest is in compliance with your institution’s policies.
  • Please carefully read the complete rules listed in the Contest Terms.

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