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How To Create a Winning GIF

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GIFs are forever-looping files that can be used as a fantastic teaching tool.

Below are three simple tips to keep in mind as you prepare to create a GIF for a Project Ed contest.

Download the PDF version of this guide here!

1. Teach the Word

Does your GIF accurately and clearly teach the vocabulary word?

A GIF’s educational accuracy and merit is the most important judging criteria used to determine winners so be sure to correctly demonstrate the meaning of the word.

If you looked at the GIF to the right without seeing the text, what would you think the word would be? Because of the clever crafting, one can deduce, with the presence of pandas and the random nature of the scene, that the word may be pandemonium.

Liam’s “Panda Pandemonium”, Joyful GIFS Grand Prize Winner

2. Set the Text Cleanly

Is the text easy-to-read and unobtrusive?

Choose text that is easily read and helpful to learning the word. In most cases, emphasizing the vocabulary word by making it bigger, bolder, and/or a more vibrant color while making the descriptive information less emphasized is effective.

The text is used as the centerpiece of this GIF and effectively sets an elegant, silent atmosphere while remaining highly readable.


JohnMichaelec’s “Placid” GIF, The Weather Report Grand Prize Winner

3. Use the Loop to your Advantage

Does the GIF’s looping help better teach the word?

GIFs are unique because they loop endlessly. To use this to your advantage, find ways that the looping can help reinforce or add clarity to the teaching of the word.

The creative looping of this GIF reinforces how formidable the powerful being is by showing the endless number of foes he is easily warding off.

Melior’s “Overwhelming Power” GIF, Game On! Grand Prize Winner

Now that you've got the skills, its time to apply you creativity and win in our Current Contests!

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